Tabs and Riley

I’ve been writing so much about Bunny et al, the Monsters and the Porch People so much so that Tabs and Riley are seldom featured.

I think it’s because they both give us the least problems, being the most well-behaved amongst all our cats!

Here’s are some photos from last night.

It had taken some time for Tabs to reclaim her position on my pillow when Riley took up position to sleep next to me!

Tabs isn’t the type of personality who needs a friend. She’s more into humans than cats. But I did see her playing with Riley a few times now. Riley, on the other hand, is still a very playful kitten, so she’s been playing with Jayden’s toys by herself.

We think Riley still wants to follow an adult cat, just as she had followed Samantha around when living on the streets. But she’s also fine being on her own in the house.

Later at night, I would always have both Tabs and Riley beside me.

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