A melting pot for a meatless Malaysian Chinese New Year meal!

I highly recommend the Bananabro!

This is the Bananabro at Sunway Pyramid. It’s our second time here.

The place serves Indian banana rice plus other Indian dishes and it is run by Malays. The service is very friendly and efficient. I’m not exactly a foodie, but the food is excellent. I dare say it’s the best Indian food I’ve EVER tasted all my life!  For RM12.90, you get a basic meatless “craving set” which is totally refillable. You don’t have to order anything else since it is refillable and absolutely delicious.

This cucumber dish is to die for! Does anyone know how it is cooked?
It is part of the Craving Set. The set comes with 4 dishes and 4 gravies.

And walking around Sunway Pyramid, we saw many people wearing red. By “many”, I mean people of all races. It’s wonderful to see this. I think for every festival, we Malaysians (by “we”, I mean we, the non-politician Malaysians) should show the politicians that we are united in heart and soul.  They can try whatever they want, but we outnumber them.

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