Come in, Samantha….

Today was another successful day of getting Samantha to come in.

This is all part of the big plan to get her to feel comfortable inside our house so that when it’s nearer to her date of delivery, we want her to come into the house to have a safe place to deliver her kittens.

Here she is.

Gerald followed in, of course.

There is absolutely NO problem at all in getting Gerald to come in. He allows me to carry him, bring him in (not that I have to, he comes in all by himself, most willingly).

I let Riley play with them too, but Riley went out to the porch and I don’t know if she would escape to the longkang, so I had to carry her back inside. Luckily I managed to get her to come to me, unlike Ginger who would be totally impossible to catch back once he escapes through the front door.  So I brought Riley back and put her in Bunny’s Place while I let Samantha and Gerald explore the house. The front door was still wide open so that they don’t feel trapped.

They went to the kitchen and Samantha even went upstairs. However, the moment husband closed the front door as softly as ever, Samantha and Gerald both hurried out and Samantha became frantic.

She started scratching at the netting to get out. I let Riley out and she was so happy playing with them.

Seeing how stressed out Samantha was becoming, I opened the front door to let her out, but she didn’t know this and continued looking for a way out.

Gerald was totally chill.  He was as relaxed as ever and I think he would have gladly remained inside the house, maybe for a few days, even.

Finally, I showed Samantha the way out through the front door back into the porch.

I hope she will come in again.