So worried about Bunny

Yesterday was yet another day of worrying about Bunny.

There’s actually been many of such days, but yesterday was particularly worrying.

Bunny vomited his food in the morning. I decided to let him rest before giving any medication as I was hoping it would be a one-off episode.

By evening, he looked really frail and did not want to eat anything. I tried various kinds of foods, but nothing worked. So I gave him Omeprazole (one-fifth of the capsule) for the tummy upset.

Bunny’s been happily eating his steamed tilapia for more than a week now. I wanted to alternate it, but he didn’t want other foods, so I made steamed tilapia 2-3 times a day for him.

Feeding Bunny’s principle is: As long as he eats. That’s because he is already very choosy with food and Bunny has protein losing enteropathy ( He is losing protein through his intestines.

Initially, we always thought Bunny had kidney disease. Well, he did, four years ago. Then, somehow, he recovered from that. In his last blood test in October 2022, his kidney readings were all within the normal range and his urine SG was even good (which means his kidneys are able to concentrate urine). How Bunny actually recovered from chronic kidney disease is anyone’s guess, but he did, according to the readings.

But Bunny had been having constipation for many months, then suddenly, it changed to diarrhoea and soft stools. I’ve been doing my best to cope with the soft stools now, alternating his probiotics depending on the consistency of his daily stools.

Bunny’s current problem now is an intestinal one. He is losing water and protein through the gut. That is why he is very dehydrated and needs constant subcut. As for the protein, he needs to eat whatever he wants, whenever he can. That is why I resorted to all kinds of foods to entice him to eat.

His intestinal problem is also related to his heart problem. Bunny is already on low-dose Fortekor for this.

So, yesterday was very worrying.

I finally resorted to steamed salmon for Bunny. Maybe he’s tired of tilapia. I also gave Bunny Mirtazapine to stimulate his appetite.

He did not want his usual tilapia.

He also did not want the steamed salmon initially and just ate a bit of canned tuna.

But later at night, maybe the Mirtazapine started to kick in a bit, he ate a bit of steamed salmon. Phew…

This morning, Bunny ate his steamed tilapia.
Hopefully the Mirtazapine works. I don’t give it regularly, only when required.

I’ve been giving Bunny small meals throughout the day for months now. He cannot eat much at one go, so he eats frequent small meals.