Adorable Riley

Riley, being a kitten, LOVES to play.

She plays with Jayden’s soft toys, especially those small enough for her mouth and those with bells. She also loves playing catch and hide-and-seek with Jayden as well as Tabs. Well, there is no other cat in her zone, it’s just Tabs.

When she plays with Jayden, she does it in a small zone, just around the air purifier, so that it’s easy for Jayden to find her.

But when she plays with Tabs, she does a much bigger zone, around the whole living room, under the sofas, chairs and through the TV rack. A much more challenging track.

Isn’t that absolutely adorable? She knows how to make the game easier for Jayden.

When nobody plays with her, she plays on the cat tree all by herself.

Jayden and his best friend, Ginger.