Help needed: 7 puppies for adoption and 1 mother-dog to catch for spaying (Lung Sai Mei’s)

We received the following request from Ms Lung Sai Mei (location: Klang Valley) to help rehome 7 puppies (estimated at 2 weeks old) and to help catch the mother-dog for spaying.

Important: The puppies still need their mother’s milk until they are 6 weeks old. Adoption now will be all of them together with the mother.  After 6 weeks, they can be adopted individually once they are weaned off breast milk.

Please contact Ms Lung directly at or 019-3385052 if you are able to help in any way. Please also help us share this message as widely as possible. Thank you.

Ms Lung’s request:

I really need your help with a litter of puppies that was left under my car by the mother-dog.
There are 7 puppies in total. I think they are 2 weeks old. I had to bring them into my car porch this morning as it was raining heavily. The mother came into my house to take care of them. I can’t keep them as my dog is territorial and I am also taking care of another dog that was the puppy of the same mother dog. I have contacted shelters but they won’t take in any more dogs as they said they are full. 
Among the puppies, there are 4 males and 3 females.
I have tried to bring the mama dog for spaying but she is very jittery and won’t let me touch her. Any way you can help? 
I can’t keep the puppies for long as I live alone and have to go outstation for work occasionally.  I have to leave for outstation work on February 1.  

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