The “Sila Masuk” programme continues for Samantha

Gerald would more than willingly come into the house at any time.

It’s Samantha who is tricky and yet, it’s Samantha who has to come in real soon as we approach the expected date of 8th February for her delivery. It could be earlier too.

Every time, Gerald will come in first. Samantha will just watch from the porch until she is ready.

And Riley gets really excited when they come in. She wants to play the perfect host.

Super manja Gerald sitting next to me.

I had to sit at the door to prevent Riley from going out to the porch. Samantha knows that when I sit near the door, it means I can close it easily, so she decided it is safer to stay outside the door in the porch.

Riley is probably asking Samantha to come in.

“Come in, come in, it’s safe. I’ve been living here for so many weeks now. It’s a safe place.”

Tabs stays at a safe distance from the “intruders”. Tabs isn’t friendly to cats, but she’s good with humans.

Lain kucing, lain ragam.

This is Gerald’s friend, Bushy White. Gerald allows him to come into our compound to relax.

But Creamy doesn’t welcome him. So Creamy chases him away when Creamy comes.

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