Bunny’s condition is deteriorating

It’s Chinese New Year and the vet only reopens today. I’m trying to get a slot for Bunny.

He wasn’t doing too well yesterday.

Mirtazapine seems to be helping, though, and he is still able to eat.

But yesterday, Bunny wet himself on the chair. This morning, he wet himself and defecated right outside the cage, but he was too weak to stand up, so I found him lying on his urine and excrement, his body twisted to the right. But his stools were well-formed, which is an improvement of sorts. We’ve been battling with his soft stools since October now. The problem just could not be totally resolved despite trying everything that the vet prescribed or that I could think of. It never went away, it just fluctuated from pasty stools or soft stools with occasional well-formed stools. Previously, last year, he had months of constipation, then that stopped and it became soft stools.

Bunny has protein losing enteropathy. That is why he is losing weight (losing protein) and it got quite bad in the past few days. It’s a condition that is very hard to treat. Maybe it’s due to aging too. We can only manage it and we’ve been doing the best we can.

He also has a weak heart (mild regurgitation) but he miraculously recovered from the chronic kidney disease. It’s his intestines that has a problem now. There’s something going on there. We got that treated in November last year, but it never quite went away.

Yesterday, Bunny’s appetite was considered very good. He ate four meals. This photo shows him eating a Primal snack. He ate two helpings too, so I thought that was really good.

But very often, in the past few days, Bunny would just face the wall or the back of the chair. He’s not pressing his head on anything as that would be a bad sign (neurological damage), he’s just facing the wall or a surface like the back of the chair or the cage bars. I don’t know why he does that.

Yesterday, he also cried out twice. I think he wanted to ask me to do something for him. It was during feeding time.

This is this morning’s photo. I tried to clean him up as much as I could, as much as he would let me before giving him his breakfast of his favourite steamed tilapia. I’m surprised that he ate half of it, which is good.

I cleaned him up again after breakfast to try to clear off the brown stains on his paws as much as possible. He didn’t like it, so I didn’t want to push it too much. But after that, he faced the cage bars again. Much later, he slept.

He puts his head down this way, which could be a sign of damage to the nervous system.

I’m waiting for the vet to open and hope I can get appointment for Bunny this morning.

There’s been a few times in the past few months that I wasn’t sure if Bunny would make it through the night, but he did. He would bounce back. Last night was also the same; I was prepared for the worst. Bunny is FIV+ (but so is Cow Mau) and he’s always been weaker than his brother, Cow.

Please keep Bunny in your thoughts. Thank you.

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