“Banana leaf meal” for Samantha

I gave Samantha time to explore and finally, she went upstairs into Riley’s room to try to escape through the windows.

Luckily this window is Minnie-proof. That should translate as “escape-proof”, I hope. I offered a new kibble, Cindy’s Holistic Babycat and Mother. I bought it in preparation for Samantha and her babies. She didn’t want any.

Then I brought up canned food and a Primal snack too. Served banana leaf style.

Riley had gone up to accompany Samantha or to show her around the house, so I closed both the bedroom doors and kept both inside. I’ll be letting Riley out afterwards.

My plan is to get Samantha used to the upstairs rooms so that she can choose a place to deliver her kittens when the time comes.

Usually, on the first day or first hours of being “caught, any self-respecting cat also will not eat. But wait, Creamy ate.

Samantha: I do not want your food.

Samantha looks a lot like Rosie, Ginger’s sister.

I hope Riley will teach Samantha to use the litter box. Gerald just took to it naturally, that clever boy.

If Samantha settles down quickly with Riley’s help, that will give me more time with Bunny too. So far, I can handle both. I have to. Both need help.

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