Feeding Bunny and giving him a sunbath

I managed to feed Bunny one-and-a-half cans of Cindy’s baby food this afternoon for lunch.

When I fed the other Super Seniors, Bunny mewed, but he was still lying down. I noticed he had urinated from the cage. So I cleaned him up, gave him a quick sunbath and fed him his lunch.

During better times, Bunny loves sunbaths. Every morning, after breakfast, he would perch up on the scratching post and stay there for hours to get some sunshine.

Bunny has been lying on his right ever since yesterday and I was worried about bedsores, so I tried to make him lie on his left. He cannot go all the way down and lie laterally, though.

But he could manage this.

So I propped his head up on a folded towel so that he can lie on his left.

Bunny’s appetite is still good. It’s just that he is very weak and frail and has no energy to stand up on his own. But with the medication now, he’s much more relaxed than before. The new medication is just Prednisolone and Gabapentin. Folic Acid is the new supplement. He has been on Fortekor since last year.