Some earthing for Bunny

This morning I saw that Bunny had urinated in the night. But he hasn’t changed his sleeping position all night. He seems to prefer sleeping on his right and he is in a lateral position so at least he is stretched out and I hope, more comfortable than before when he would either face a vertical surface with his head down and still on all fours.

He is really sleeping, with his eyes closed. His breathing isn’t fast too.

I hope he is comfortable.

I took him out early this morning and placed him on the rocks but he was too weak to stand up by himself so I laid him down on the rocks for some earthing while I cleaned his cage.

I’m glad we bought this new solid stainless steel cage in time for Bunny to use it. It’s very solid and he has been very happy with it. Even though blind, he quickly learnt how to get up onto the cage. It’s also much easier than the previous iron cage. Definitely much more solid.

I remember when Vincent needed go to the vet’s every few days during his final months of kidney failure, I changed my car just so that I could ferry Vincent more comfortably and safely to and from the vet’s. Vincent got to enjoy 4 months travelling in the new Honda Jazz. I changed my Kelisa for the Jazz for Vincent. It was worth it. And I remember I ordered the car in December even though the salesperson said that’s the worst month of the year to buy a new car. But it was for Vincent, and I had to do it. And while waiting for the car to arrive, I remember telling Vincent to hang on so that we can ride in the new car. He did…for another 4 months, and in good spirits too.

Although Bunny is asleep, when I call him, he answers with a loud mew. So I managed to carry him up to feed him again this morning. He finished one can of Cindy’s baby food again, which is good. I fed him by syringe but he willingly swallowed. I didn’t need to use any force. I also put his three pills into a capsule so that I could feed it at one go (Folic acid, Fortekor and Prednisolone). I reduced the Gabapentin to only 0.2ml this morning.

Then I put him on the rocks and he immediately passed out some pasty stools. It’s good that he can still urinate and defecate. He just doesn’t have any energy to stand up.

Later, I did his subcut in his cage. I hung the fluid on the clothes line and it was so high that the flow was very fast. I think we finished 125ml in under a minute. New discovery – place the bottle of fluids high up and it can be this fast!

My husband thought Bunny might want to rotate and lie on his other side, so he tried, but it didn’t work. When put on his left, he was not able to lie down at all. The vet did say that if Bunny is twisting to the right, it means the brain tumour is in his right brain. So we took him out for some earthing again and then back to his cage after I changed the cardboards and towel.

Bunny loves cardboards.

He is also very clean now. The uremic smell from his mouth has totally disappeared. I also cleaned him up after his defecation this morning.

I know Bunny is fading. This is his final lapse in life.

In the past few months, there had been times I thought Bunny might not make it to the next day. But during those times, he just looked quiet and “not so good” or he might have no appetite. But I know Bunny has been deteriorating through the months. He would bounce back a little, off and on.

The sad reality of life is that, to put it very bluntly, we are all born to die. Aren’t we? A Chinese friend used to chide me whenever I even mentioned the possibility of me dying anytime and hence, I have to make all my preparations. She took offence to it. I wonder why.

Isn’t it better that we live our lives accepting the fact that our death can happen anytime so that we settle all our quarrels and make all necessary preparations so that when it happens, we don’t leave unfinished business around for our loved ones to settle for us?

Is life a privilege? I don’t know. I don’t think of it as a privilege even though some people think that human life is superior. Superior? Definitely not, if you look at how humans are destroying the earth. Humans would do well learning from the animals on how to live by the laws of the jungle.

I think of human life as this and just this: Since we are already born, we might as well make the best use of our lives to help others, bring some joy to others.

We are born by chance. Purely by chance. I don’t see any higher purpose except to help others while we are here.

Confucius said: Understand Earth. Heaven will take care of itself.

My version would be: Understand Earth.

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