2.45am…checking on Bunny

I got up at 2.20am because Jayden wanted milk.

Just as well because I need to rotate Bunny. The vet said it is important to rotate him every four hours to prevent pressure sores and lung collapse.

Bunny had urinated again. And his urine was yellow. His kidneys are still working very well to concentrate urine, even better than Cow Mau’s.

It was still quite miraculous that Bunny’s kidneys began working again after at least 2 years of producing totally clear urine (a sign of chronic kidney disease). All of a sudden, his urine was yellow again. Even the vet was surprised and there was no explanation for it. But of course it was something good and I actually thought his kidneys had miraculously repaired itself.

But while the part on concentrating urine was working again, the other functions of the kidneys still weren’t.

Both vets said I should continue with the subcut and monitor Bunny’s urine output. His urine output is good.

I knew nothing about Irritable Bowel Syndrome before this. I still don’t know much now, though I’ve tried to read up on it. So, it’s another killer disease. Sigh.

I was only told it is “GI intolerance” last October. But I’m relieved all treatment for IBS (or IBD) was done. Everything except steroids, which I understand why. You don’t want to use steroids for a kidney patient.

Bunny was only given steroids this time round and I know steroids are often used as a “last resort” or a temporary measure. I know of human cancer patients who did not want chemo and they only took steroids. It helps them feel better.

A vet long ago told me that steroids provide that “feel-good” feeling. I remembered this. And it will boost appetite too. Perhaps that is why Bunny ate well after starting on steroids on 26th January. In fact, he ate so well. That’s good. At least he could eat.

The Chinese has a saying: To be able to eat is prosperity (or something to that effect). I suppose for an agricultural community, food is foremost. Without food, we die. But the Chinese people have indeed progressed so much by now and have taken this adage too many notches up resulting in eating too prosperously not knowing that if you eat too much, you will die faster.

Sorry I digress.

Bunny’s breathing has quickened a bit just now. I have rotated him.

The mood in the room is sombre. Cleo and Cow Mau know what is going on. Indy too. But Rey doesn’t. He still wants to play. So he has been lectured by Cow many times now and I have to intervene to stop a fight from happening. I need to keep the atmosphere calm and peaceful for Bunny.

Rest well, Bunny. We love you.

I would like to thank all friends and readers for your outpouring of messages to my phone as well as written messages on our social media. I didn’t know that we still have so many readers. I’m deeply touched. Thank you so much.

I do know that during the times (and this has been quite often) when I was depressed and unable to write more stories, the blog probably got boring with only reports on our neutering aid and we lost many readers. I suffer from cyclical depression but I’m doing everything I can to help myself, to shorten the depressive period or try, if possible, to avert another attack even though it has been part and parcel of my life since my late twenties.

Then Facebook changed their policies and no longer send notifications to readers unless they keep liking our posts. So we lost readers from there as well – out of sight, out of mind.

So to all who stayed with us through thick and thin, or have now come back, thank you ever so much. It means the world to me.

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