Goodnight, Bunny

Bunny didn’t manage to finish a whole can of food for dinner. He ate about 80% of it, which is really good enough.

His breathing is a bit laboured, so I’ve given him Tramadol as instructed by the vet.

I managed to give Bunny 3 capsules of Bioresis tonight, so in total, he has taken 7 capsules. The Bioresis team whom I wrote to said to give very much more (which my pharmacist also thinks is too much). But my pharmacist did say we could go up to 1 sachet per day. But that would be too much, I think. 7 capsules is slightly more than half a sachet.

I managed to dig out a very old laptop so it’s in Bunny’s Room now, playing the cat purring noise. Hopefully it will bring some comfort and relaxation for Bunny.

Sleep well, Bunny.

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