Samantha, Gerald, Creamy and new friends

Samantha (aka Ms Calico Cattitude) has settled down a wee bit.

She’s been finishing all her food and sometimes, she even eats when I’m there.

This just goes to show how much cats are affected by the environment more than the people. Samantha was perfectly friends with me out in the porch. She would come so close that I can refill her bowl with food and I got as far as being abel to pat and stroke her too. But now that she is confined in the upstairs room, suddenly, I’m a stranger or the enemy.

But we are achieving some progress here. This morning, she came out to eat while I was in the room.

She is now using both the litter boxes in the room too, and I’m pulling the one on the tarpaulin out of the bed, little by little. Hopefully she won’t urinate and defecate on the tarpaulin again.

I let little Riley room in with her for a few hours a day as Riley and she were best of friends when they were on the street.

So, Samantha-wise, I think we’ve got it handled.

Now, Gerald and Creamy…

Creamy does not like Gerald.

Gerald likes everyone.

So there’s always a growling fight every morning in the porch. Creamy growls at Gerald and it is getting a bit more serious now because Gerald hides from Creamy. He hides behind the big flower pot and does not dare to come out until Creamy has started eating and I coax him out.

Gerald is scared of Creamy.

Meanwhile, there’s a pretty tabby cat with white “socks” (paws) who has come into the porch to eat too. She is the one Gerald chased down the road the other day. I think she belongs to the RYABK (Rumah Yang Ada Banyak Kucing) down the road. I hope she does. I’m calling her Peaches.

Now, what’s happening is that Creamy is befriending Peaches. We saw the two at the park yesterday, side by side. So Gerald chased Peaches and Creamy wants to be friends with Peaches. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”?

And there is also another cute ginger cat with a white chest at the park. He seems quite mild-mannered too. I’m calling him Pepper.

So where did Pepper and Peaches come from? Did they come because Samantha is now confined indoors and there is a vacancy available? Is Peaches taking over Samantha’s spot in our porch?


So, for the umpteenth time, can the authorities learn that removing animals from the street isn’t going to solve the problem and that neutering is a much better and more compassionate way? In the first place, they must care enough to learn it.

But honestly, looking at the way this new government is going, we have shelved our plans to speaking to the VIPs concerned.

Let’s just work from the ground, shall we? We, the ordinary non-politician folks, we have to do it from the ground.

When the complaining stops, the catching-and-killing stops.

Updates: I have renamed Peaches “Socks”.