The passing of our legend, Bunny (7th May 2006 – 1st Feb 2023)

Bunny passed away peacefully at 11.25am this morning. Ming-Yi and I were with him. We were with him since 9.30am this morning and he was not alone throughout.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to all friends and readers who have been rooting for Bunny, sending kind thoughts and prayers, words of compassion and support to us in the past few days and weeks. My grateful thanks also to my friend, Emma, for her very kind, empathetic and invaluable advice and guidance every day without which I would not have been able to do what’s best for Bunny.

We will say our goodbyes to Bunny now.

When I went out to buy flowers, Ming-Yi said Cleo came in and stared upwards towards the ceiling for some time, her eyes fixed on something.

I remember Jackson Galaxy also said the same, that each time when one of his cats passed away, another cat would look upward always immediately, eyes transfixed on something that seemed to be leaving the body. Cats can see what we cannot. Cats know what we do not know.

All I know, in my limited knowledge, is that the energy leaves. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Bunny Bun Buns
(7th May 2006 – 1st February 2023)

16 years 9 months old. A ripe old age for an FIV+ cat.

Bunny, your tour on earth is over. You did extremely well. You will live on in our memories.

May your energy be free now!

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