For urgent adoption: A little sporo kitten (Aisyah Rizzal’s)

We received this request from Ms Aisyah Rizzal yesterday evening.  She is a university student in Gombak and she rescued this little 7-week old kitten identified with minor sporotrichosis. According to her email, she has already taken the kitten to the vet’s, obtained the medicines (please photos below, sufficient for one more week) and she needs someone to adopt the kitten as she is unable to do so. Please see her message below. If you are able to help, kindly contact Ms Aisyah directly at +60 11-6200 6673 or <>.

Initially Ms Aisyah told us that she needed fostering for 2 months, so we contacted fosterers and boarding houses all morning but none could help. Then, when we called Ms Aisyah for clarification, she explained that she actually needs an adopter. Please see her revised message below.

Note: We would like to appeal to all who request for help to state clearly whether they want a fosterer or an adopter. A fosterer means it is only for a certain agreed period of time and the requester must take back the animal after the agreed period of time. Adoption means it is for life.

Here is Ms Aisyah’s revised message:

Hi, im aisyah and im a student at uia gombak. Recently i just pickup a stray kitten that i have been take care of for 5 weeks now. But recently shes diagnosed with sporo? on her nose and eyes. Im so sad. Im currently in exam week and its really hard for me to take care of her since im so busy. After my exam ill not be around in malaysia and ill be busier becase of site visit and assignments that require me to stay at studio upcoming semester. My heart breaks everytime i see her in quarantine cage. She didnt even have a proper cage because before shes diagnosed i just let her be in my room and sleep with me. Her name is Yoda and she is 7 weeks old weighing at just 550 g. Shes already dewormed twice and i already bring her to the vet.. i have all of her medications, food and milk and litter box n bentonite (basically i already supply everything for her).. i cant take care of her .. can u take her for adoption until shes heal with her sporo. Its breaking my heart seeing her like that and yet i cant do anyhthing for her.. im a student so i dont have an income and its so expensive to send her to boarding place. I would be sooo appreciated if u can take care of her for life until shes in great health. She also soo manja and she loves kisses me when im sleeping.. please idk what else to do. All of my friends suggest me to just put her in the streets but i really dont want to do that. Im the only one accept her with sporo and my friends kinda freaked out by it. If u can help me a surviving student and a cat lover im so grateful for it.. please consider