Indy to the vet’s (bacterial infection of gut)

I was worried about Indy’s off-and-on loose stools. So I made an appointment for Indy check-up and at the same time, the vet said I should also bring Samantha in because she too is having diarrhoea.

Indy was ready, inside the carrier, I had to pack a few things, and I asked hubby to go put Samantha in the carrier. I am not sure what happened, but Samantha got spooked so much so that she ended up between the glass window and the grille and tried as we did, we could not extricate her from her self-induced entrapment. Photos in the next post.

I tried too, but by then she was already in panic mode. She hissed and growled and if I had pursued it, I would have been hurt badly, for sure. I also did not want to injure her in any way since she is heavily pregnant.

So we drove Indy alone to the vet’s and I brought along a fecal sample from Samantha’s stool.

This post will be all about Indy’s diagnosis.

The vet checked Indy thoroughly as I told her I was worried if Indy might have Inflammable Bowel Disease (IBD) just as Bunny had. The vet assured me it isn’t.

Phew! What a relief…

Indy has no fever, his intestines are okay after being palpated and a fecal examination showed that there is a lot of bacteria. So what Indy has is a bacterial infection of his intestines.

We also discussed Bunny’s condition as I needed to understand it more. The vet thinks the lumps in the intestines and brain was caused by his FIV+ condition. The IBD is a separate issue. So it may not even be related.

Well, at least I understand now. It is useful information.

Back to Indy now….

The vet dewormed Indy and gave him a B-12 injection. Indy would be needing an antibiotic (Metronidazole) for 10 days followed by Promax, a probiotic for another 6 days. He also needs folic acid for 8 days. This is to be followed by two more B-12 injections in intervals of 10 days each.

The vet suggested that Indy be given Advocate spot-on for two months as well.

Indy weighed 5.7kg (no weight loss).

The vet also opined that Indy’s previous “morning sickness” (vomiting breakfast every morning) could be due to too many hours without food from the previous day’s dinner until the next morning’s breakfast. This did occur to me too. So she thinks that if I feed Indy a snack at night, it will reduce the “empty stomach” time and this might prevent the vomiting. The thing is, I still give Indy Cindy’s pureed food every morning because that’s the only food which he doesn’t vomit out. It works like a miracle and I don’t dare change that. The vet said I could try…

Indy’s recommended food is RC GastroIntestinal. I’ll play it by ear on his food, as long as he eats.

Of course he loves kibble. Indy has always been the Kibble King of the clan.

So Indy is okay, it’s NOT IBD and we went home.

Now, to catch Samantha….(next post, please).  I figured I’d have to do it alone.