Samantha’s diarrhoea issue

Samantha is still having the large bowel diarrhoea.

It must have started right from the beginning when we brought her indoors on 27th Jan. That time I was still very busy nursing Bunny, so I may be mistaken now but I thought I saw well-formed stools in her litter box on the second day. I’m so certain I saw it, but was it from Riley now?  I cannot be absolutely sure anymore.  But let’s put that aside. The fact of the matter is that she still has diarrhoea now. I also find light brown streaks on the floor which means she rubs her buttocks on the floor. She uses the litter boxes now. There are two in the room for her.

Could her diarrhoea be due to being confined and upset? Stress?

Can it be due to the food, but I did not change the food at all. She was eating exactly the same food for the last few months in the porch. The only new food I gave were: (1) Cindy’s Holistic Babycat & Mother and (2) a Primal treat once.

Now, I’ve stopped the Babycat food and the Primal.

I texted the vet for advice and she suggested that at this stage of pregnancy I should just give her probiotics first. She suggested Max Pro GI so I gave that, but on the second day, the diarrhoea became worse. It was watery.  This morning, I gave her Bioflor instead. The good thing about Sammie is that I was able to sprinkle the probiotics onto her food and she ate it all up. Amazing! Most of our cats will never fall for this “trick”.

Samantha is still very skittish and cautious. I still cannot touch her but she allows me to let her sniff at my fingers. While at the porch, she trusted me more.  Poor girl, she must feel I’ve “captured” her and is holding her hostage now. Sorry, Sammie. It is for your own good, really.  I hope one day you will know this.

I’ve texted the vet again to ask if I should bring Sammie to the clinic for a check-up. Will wait for the vet’s advice.

Her delivery date is “anytime”.

She let me use the spoon this close today. What an achievement!

The boy who throw stones at the window, Gerald, did it again today!

He mewed and mewed, so I let him in. He ate and asked to be let out through the door, went downstairs, mewed all over and then left through the front door. Haha…

Sammie didn’t acknowledge him. She just looked. He didn’t even look at her. But with cats, we will never know. I shall not judge anymore. I should not. They probably have their own way of communicating.

We thought Cleo didn’t care about anyone but herself, but now we know she has been misunderstood. She cared deeply for Bunny. Cats show their affection in other ways. Or, they might not show it outright, but they do care. Deeply.

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