Novel protein, Cubgrub’s Duck, for the Monsters

The easiest clan to try on any new food is the Monsters. They will practically gobble up anything.

So I ordered Cubgrub’s Duck as a novel protein for them. “Novel” means it is uncommon to their diet, so you should only give it once in a while. It is to offset the incidence of allergy to a certain protein (the commonly used ones like chicken and fish) that has been eaten for too long.

Food allergy can lead to other medical problems.

So did they eat it?

You bet they did! The even seemed to love it. Ginger loved it too. Ever since Ginger went to live in the catio with the Monsters, he has been converted back to 100% raw. He eats what they eat.

Previously, when he was eating in the kitchen with Tabs, he demanded whatever the Super Seniors had because, I think he could smell what they had. If you don’t give it to him, he walks off, on a hunger strike.

So being in the catio has its benefits, especially for Ginger. He’s back to 100% raw and he won’t be spraying urine all over the house. The only thing is that Ginger is very good with Jayden. He is the only cat who allows Jayden to do anything to him. We let him in under supervision.

Everyone ate the duck and loved it!

Thank you, Cubgrub!

Later, I tried it with Cow Mau, Indy and Cleo. Only Cleo ate it.

Indy is the one who needs it, but he didn’t even want to try it. Next, I will try it on Tabs and Riley. All of them needs a novel protein once in a while.

Cubgrub also has Quail. But that’s a bit tricky.