Pacifying Indy and Samantha’s news

Indy is quite upset that Bunny’s cage had to be given to Samantha as a maternity ward.

He is no longer using the top of the cage as his penthouse now. When Bunny was around, Indy used to top as his penthouse and after Bunny passed away only did he move INTO the cage. But suddenly, I had to put Samantha there for her delivery.

I’ll see how things go and perhaps after a week or so, we can move Samantha back to the upstairs room and give the cage back to Indy.


Sam has finally come out from the carrier and has chosen the top basket to sit in. That’s good progress. At least she isn’t holed up in the carrier like yesterday. Last night, she also ate the wet food I served. There was faeces in the litter box this morning. It was quite well-formed. Hopefully the deworming and B-12 is working. Her diarrhoea wasn’t the serious type. Perhaps she has had it since she was living on the street.

Indy needs to feel he is “on top” of something, so since he was too upset to use the penthouse, he went up to the Blue House. Aww…poor Indy.  Perhaps to him, it is the same concept. The Blue House used to belong to Bunny too. He wants to inherit Bunny’s properties.

And either Indy was so upset or he heard what the vet said yesterday, he refused to eat his chicken baby food (pureed) this morning. He just walked away looking very sad. Yesterday, the vet suggested that I could try giving Indy kibble or other food (not the baby food) for breakfast if I also give him a late night snack. Maybe his stomach cannot be empty for too long hours. So perhaps Indy heard that. Cats read minds.

So I gave him some Gastro kibble and he ate, but only a bit. Still upset?

Then I offered tuna baby food. Perhaps a change of flavour, Indy? I try not to give too much tuna as it is a big fish. The mercury and heavy metal content in bigger fish is higher. That is why I opt for smaller fish like sardine. But granted, most of the fish used in cat food is tuna.

He ate it!! Cleo tried to wrestle it from him. No Cleo, you are on raw food, remember?

Indy finished it all! Phew…I get worried whenever any cat does not eat.

So, Sam’s going to give birth soon. I’m thinking of gender-neutral “P” names. Would you like to contribute to the list?

So far I’ve got: Pico (neutral), Petal (girl), Peaches (girl), Pebbles (neutral), Pixie (neutral).

Sam is calico and Gerald is striped ginger (ginger tabby), so I’m thinking maybe the kittens would be calico, tortoiseshell, tabico, ginger or black. Or anything, actually. I also don’t know if Sam was mated by another tomcat during that time.

We shall see…soon!

If there is a tabico kitten (female), I’ve got a friend who might like to adopt. Tabico means striped (tabby) calico. So instead of patches of orange and black, the cat has orange and black stripes.

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