Samantha is in the “nesting” phase

I contacted the vet to update her on Samantha’s condition. She thinks Samantha is in the “nesting” phase now. It could be anything from 8-36 hours before birthing begins.

Here is another link:

The link says that the queen will stop eating 24 hours before labour, but Samantha is still eating! She loves Primal and will only eat this now.

Also, I’m so glad that the diarrhoea has really stopped. Her stools are very well-formed. How quickly she recovers (the power of youth)! She was only just dewormed and given the B-12 injection yesterday. We couldn’t do more as she was like a tigress.

It’s raining here (good…no pesky fireworks tonight!). Samantha’s cage is shielded from the rain and it is warm enough.