Waiting for Samantha to give birth

Samantha started mewing a little now and then this morning. She was also pacing quite a bit and moving from tray to tray.

I thought she would give birth today, but it hasn’t happened yet.

She also loves to eat Primal and doesn’t want kibble anymore. Well, clever girl! So I’ve been giving her Primal all day. She stopped eating since late afternoon. I read that when they are about to give birth, they will not eat.

Cleo goes close by whenever Samantha mews.

I read up on how to help a cat give birth and it says a cardbox might be better. So I replaced the carrier with a cardboard box.

Cow Mau is also nearby.

Indy has finally stopped sulking and returned to his penthouse. Phew!

I have read up on how to help in the birthing process ONLY IF help is needed and there are complications. I certainly hope there aren’t any!  This includes breaking the amniotic sac if the mother-cat doesn’t break it, getting the kittens to take their first breath, cutting the umbilical cord with dental floss, etc. It’s better to be prepared in case help is needed.

Here’s a useful link: https://www.thesprucepets.com/helping-pregnant-cat-during-birthing-555410

Another site says there is an interval of about 30-45 minutes between each kitten. I remember when Pole gave birth to Cleo, Wolf and Pans, there was an interval between the kittens. But Minnie gave birth to all four quite fast. We went for taiji class in the morning and by the time we came back, all four were already born and Minnie had cleaned everything up. We did not have to do anything at all!

Here’s another link: https://www.purina.co.uk/articles/cats/health/pregnancy/cat-labour-and-giving-birth

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