Keeping it simple (just be an example)

Certain events have motivated me to write this blogspot to share my thoughts.

If you are reading this, I know it is because you care for animals. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even come to this blog.

Prior to GE15 and right after, we wrote to the politicians, to try, yet again, to request that they do something to change the by-laws so that ear-notched (neutered) animals will be spared from capture. As expected, our requests were ignored.  It is not at all surprising. Politicians do not often do what is right; they do what buys them votes. And animals don’t vote. Animal lovers do, but we are the minority. So, let’s move on and we do what we can from the ground up, keeping it simple.

Here’s what we can do:

  1. Be a good example yourself. Start with yourself. Be kind to animals in deed, not just in word. Even if it is only as much as regularly feeding a street cat or dog, just do it. Better still, get the cat or dog neutered too.
  2. Talk about what you do. Share it. Write about it. Why do you think I write so much and I publish books for free distribution? It’s to share with others. If you don’t share your experience and actions, nobody is going to know and it won’t influence others to do the same. So the sharing is very important. It isn’t bragging. It’s sharing. It is important.
  3. Be an example to your children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, students, the young people. They are our future. We aren’t going to be around for long. They will take over from us. When influencing young people, do it through your deeds and actions. Actions definitely speak louder than words. No child is going to buy our constant lecture about being kind to animals if we don’t show them through our actions that we are really kind to animals.
  4. If you encounter cruel adult humans, use your intelligence and wisdom to turn them around, if you can. Everyone has a conscience; some have just grown too distant from theirs! The greatest achievement on earth is to change an evil person into a kind one. Take up that challenge and see if we can do it. How we do that if entirely up to us and the circumstances. Just make sure there are no backlashes.

Being an example is the most important thing we can do. For example, if a neighbour sees you feeding the street cats daily, the next time they want to be cruel to an animal, they might recall the image of what you do and who knows, it might stop them. You’ll never know. Thoughts become actions. Actions become habit. Habit becomes character.

Another friend shared with me recently that his own two children and his nieces and nephews are rescuers of street animals in their own right. They feed street animals, get them neutered, out of their own pockets. And this is all because he did it and they saw it, growing up.

Words are never as effective as actions.

Keep it simple.

Be kind.

Be a good example to the young. They are our future.

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