Helping the kittens

Okay, Samantha doesn’t really know what to do if her kittens wander off. She just lets them be.

It’s been many times that I find Indra stuck at the back of Samantha and she doesn’t carry him back, so I wear gloves and put him back.

This evening, I found Akira and Kai having wandered off, partially outside the box now. Kai was sleeping. But Akira was opening her mouth like she was looking for a nipple. Samantha didn’t seem to want to do anything, so again, I had to wear gloves and put her back to Sam’s nipple and she quickly suckled voraciously.

It looks like I have to check on them more frequently now that the kitties are beginning to creep around and I don’t mean that in a bad way. They are “creeping” and not crawling yet.

Indra is behind Samantha, stuck there. Akira is coming out of the box.

Both are suckling now.

Samantha totally allows to me pick up her kittens and even lift up her leg so that I can put a kitten to a nipple.

The problem is, Samantha is lying in such a way that only one side of the nipples are available.

See, Akira is opening her mouth, asking for a nipple. This photo was taken before the one above.

I’ve cushioned off the place, just in case.

Akira is a diluted calico. It’s confirmed!

Sammie, you have to pay more attention to your kittens, please.

Samantha did not want to eat the rehydrated Primal Chicken n Salmon this afternoon. I notice that every time I change the flavour, she will boycott the food first. I’ve just changed from Turkey to Chicken n Salmon, thinking of at least giving her a variety. So as not to waste the food, I put dehydrated nuggets in the bowl until she gets used to the taste. There’s also a bowl of Cindy’s Babycat and Mother (35% protein) kibble, but she’s not interested in this.


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