Help needed to look for Leo (dog) in Penang area (Chow Yi Lin’s)

We received this request from our friend, Chow Yi Lin (hp 012-3038852). Could you please help to forward it, especially to friends in Penang? Thank you so much.

We rehomed Leo in Oct  2014 to a friend in Penang. Due to family difficulties, this friend released Leo to the street in the last quarter of 2021 during the MCO. We didn’t know about this at all until we visited this CNY to see Leo. If only we had known, we would have definitely taken Leo back.

We initially named him “Bravo” but the family changed his name to Leo when they adopted him, so he probably answers to Leo now.

His size is a bit smaller than the average mongrel as his mother is a small dog.

According to the adopter when she told us, Leo was released in the park near the OCBC bank in Batu Maung. We actually went there to look just in case Leo is still wandering around, but he was not there. 

We are now doing our very best to look for Leo. Please contact me at 012-3038852 if you have any information on Leo or have seen him anywhere in Penang.

We would like to offer a reward of RM1000 to anyone who accurately locates Leo. As long as the correct location is given and verified, we will go to Penang (or get the adopter to go and identify him).

We love him very much, and would be very grateful to get him back. 

Thank you very much.

We have contacted a friend who is in touch with a chatgroup of feeders in Penang. This information will be shared there as well. We have also obtained a list of animal shelters in Penang and Yi Lin will write to them to ask if Leo is in any of them. 

But we also need everyone’s help to share this message as widely as possible. Let’s help Yi Lin find Leo!