Indra gains weight in just 12 hours!!!

I am so, so relieved! Indra gained a whopping 10g in just 12 hours!

I wasn’t going to wait for 24 hours to weigh him to see if there is that minimum 10g weight gain. 12 hours is long enough and if there isn’t a weight gain, I’ll go straight to buy pet milk to handfeed him. No time to lose. Every hour matters at this stage.

So, it’s a 10g gain in 12 hours. Wow! Go, go, go Indra!!

And I’m so convinced that cats and kittens read minds. They really do. There were three incidents yesterday:

First, I wanted Sam to lie on her other side so that the kittens can nurse on the nipples on this other side. I just thought and wished for it. The next visit, Sam was lying on this “other side” already!

Second, I wished Akira and Kai would give little Indra a chance to suck on the more succulent nipples. The two monopolised the nipples, leaving poor Indra to the top one which doesn’t look “full”. Then next round I went up, Akira and Kai were no longer sucking and were instead, sleeping almost outside the box. Indra got the full nipples!

Indra’s colour is much darker than Kai’s and he a white hind leg plus “socks” on his front paws.

Third, I was so worried about Indra not getting enough milk. Well, the little tyke has put my worries to rest. He gained a whopping 10g overnight, in 12 hours!!

Cats read minds. Even 2-day old kittens read minds!!

Date Time Kai Akira Indra
11-Feb 6pm 118 115 104
12-Feb 6.30am 125 123 114