Sam, Sam, Sam, please bring back your kittens

We came from breakfast and hunting for pet milk (liquid) and I could already hear the mewing as I was going up the stairs to check on Samantha and her kittens.

I cannot remember which kitten it was, but one of them was mewing loudly and was almost outside the box. Samantha wasn’t feeding any of the kittens at the time but she just looked.


When a kitten mews so loudly, it means he is hungry or looking for warmth.

So I quickly pick up the kitten and put him back to Samantha. I think it was Indra, but I had no time to check.

So I have checked with three pet shops and they do not carry any liquid pet milk, only the milk powder. I thought of buying a bottle of liquid milk just in case any intervention is needed.

For the last 12 hours since 5.30am this morning, Indra had only put on 5g of weight. That was a bit of a concern. But for the last 5 hours (from 5.30am to 10.30am), the weight gain was 3g, which means, proportionately, that would be 14.4g per 24 hours, which is still on track.

I am trying my best not to intervene only if absolutely necessary. The worry of intervening is that Indra might reject the nipple after that, or Samantha might reject Indra. So, I will only intervene if it is absolutely necessary.

But clearly, Samantha doesn’t know quite what to do especially when the kittens wander off. That, I have to intervene to bring them back otherwise, they will not be able to find their way back to the nipple.

This is Kai nursing. I’m not worried about Kai. He’s growing very well. Kai is the firstborn.