My swollen hand and Queen Cleo

Why is my hand swollen?

Subcut for Cleo yesterday, that’s why.

I’ve been able to do her subcut single-handedly for a few months now, but yesterday, Cleo decided it should end at 150ml and not 200ml, so when I did not obey her, she bit me…real hard.

Cleo, although already 16 years old (she was born in February 2007) and has lived with us from Day One (she was born in a wardrobe) is more feral than domesticated. She’s a wild one and also a very fierce one.

This is after 24 hours and it’s still swollen. Three puncture wounds.

Even fellow calico, Samantha, only gives warning bites without puncture. Cleo punctures. And Samantha is a street cat.

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