The kitties’ updates and Gerald’s “visit”

The kitties are back on track, weight-wise!!

So it looks like they need a “catalyst” to make them go for the nipple. Each time I syringe-feed them, they will go for the nipple right after. So what they need is this “catalyst” to stimulate appetite?

Anyway, it works…so far.

Date Time Kai Akira Indra
11-Feb 6.00pm 118 115 104
12-Feb 6.30am 125 123 114
12-Feb 5.30pm 133 131 123
13-Feb 5.30am 143 137 128
13-Feb 6.00pm 149 146 133
14-Feb 5.00am 160 149 145
14-Feb 5.30pm 166 160 158
15-Feb 6.30am 177 167 167
15-Feb 6.00pm 179 174 174
16-Feb 6.00am 191 187 184

The kittens are 6 days old today!

Samantha was really hungry this morning. She’s on Primal Freeze-Dried. Her own choice of food. Clever girl. The background loud mewing you hear is Gerald. He was mewing at the window. So I let him in.

He wasn’t interested in the kittens at all. He just wanted to come inside the house.

He played with Riley but was too rough.

Creamy is still the alpha in the porch. Gerald has to eat away from him, one step lower.