The novel protein quest continues with Cubgrub’s Quail!

For new readers, I’m on a quest to introduce novel proteins to our cats. A novel protein is a protein that is not in their regular diet. The purpose of introducing it is to decrease the chances of food allergy due to eating a certain protein for too long. Food allergy can lead to various health problems. For Indy, he had a food allergy problem a few years ago from eating chicken for too long which resulted in bloody diarrhoea for 7 weeks. No treatment worked, but after I switched him to Cubgrub’s pure raw Rabbit, the problem miraculously went away on its own.

So I’m on a quest to find new novel proteins for all our cats. So far, some of them absolutely loves Cubgrub’s raw Duck. There’s also Cubgrub’s raw Rabbit and Monge’s Monoprotein 100% Rabbit (canned).

Today, I’m trying Cubgrub’s raw Quail. I do know that quail is rather tricky as it’s a hit-or-miss.

Here’s the verdict:

Tabs ate it! This is unexpected as Tabs is actually a rather choosy cat when it comes to food.

Surprisingly, Riley did not. She just sniffed at it and walked away.

The most choosy of all our cats are our Super Seniors. Cleo and Cow Mau were willing to have it in their bowls beside their regular Coco&Joe’s, but they did not eat it. Still, it’s an achievement in that they did not walk away from the bowl. One of the recommended ways to introduce a new food is to put some in the bowl along with their old food so that they get used to be scent (of the new food) and hope that in time, they will recognise it as “edible food”. But the Catch-22 situation in doing this is that we are giving them a choice – new food or old food? Of course they will go for the old food.

Another way is to just give them them the new food as I did for Tabs and Riley. Then, if they are hungry enough, they would have no choice but to eat it. This ONLY works for non-demanding cats (hence, Tabs and Riley). If your cat is the demanding type, haha…they will just walk away and say, “Either you give me back my old food or I will walk…and starve and make you feel so bad that you will make a public apology to me and give me back my old food immediately.” Our Super Seniors fall into this category of cats.

Indy is still on his baby food for breakfast. So far, the only raw food Indy will eat is Primal Freeze-Dried. But he still went over to sniff at the Quail. Just sniffed. Still good. At least he didn’t run away from it.

Now, the Monsters. I was quite sure they will eat it. I just didn’t expect them to LOVE it!

Lynx is finishing all the Quail left behind untouched by Cow Mau and Cleo.

For the rest, I added 1 part Quail to 2 parts of their regular Coco&Joe’s.

Rey, Ginger and Smurfy had no problems eating it up.

Smurfy and Ginger are a little choosy, but no problems there. Rey eats “anything”.

Robin comes…

Minnie decided to play it safe in case something bounces up from the new food and pounces on her.

Minnie is eating! Robin is still unsure and looks to Lynx for approval.

Lynx: Eat, you silly fellow…it’s super delicious!

Robin finally eats!!

Lynx has his third helping of Quail neat.

Everyone wanted “tambah lagi”, Quail neat.

Sapu habis!

I’m definitely ordering more of Cubgrub’s Quail again, along with their Duck, which all the cats love! These will be their two novel proteins. Rabbit as well, but they already get Coco&Joe’s Rabbit Recipe (rabbit and chicken) as a regular food.

Coco&Joe’s also has a Premium Combo consisting of duck, beef and chicken. They eat that too.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Creamy don’t eat raw, but Gerald ate Primal the other day. Maybe I will use Primal to convert these two to raw food. Samantha is already on 100% Primal. But she won’t eat any other raw food.

I will definitely start Kai, Akira and Indra on raw food once they are ready for solids, hopefully by 4-5 weeks. Minnie’s boys were all brought up on raw food.

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