Red alert on Kai

I had a shock of my life when Kai only put on 2g in the last 12 hours when I weighed them at 6.00pm this evening.

Immediate intervention was definitely needed. So I syringe-fed him 2ml of milk.

And now at 9.30pm, I weighed him and his weight has increased by 8g. That’s really such a big relief.

So I think the kittens need that catalyst, which is the syringe-feeding, to make them go for the nipple. If not, they…forget? And Samantha also forgets?

I don’t really know what is happening, actually. But I know their weights have to increase by at least 8% every 24 hours and this is something I can help with.

It is always after a round of syringe-feeding that the kittens will go for the nipple.

I only fed Kai this round as Akira and Indra have gained the minimum weight that is required. I thought I could already leave them with Samantha, but looks like monitoring is still required.