Updates on the quest to find Leo in Penang

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2023/02/12/help-needed-to-look-for-leo-dog-in-penang-area-chow-yi-lins/

Many thanks to a Penangite friend, there has been more than 200 shares on the post to find Leo. Leo’s news has been posted in a feeders’ group as well and so far, no one remembers having seen him.

IAPWA of Penang has also offered another RM200 reward to top up Yi Lin’s RM1000 reward for anyone who can accurately locate Leo: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02cHb2qZ8muoYJuVZN7HHh67gpmJ46Chiztri7kKTvsjnTDdF169J5paEAVQobeTVLl&id=100079480906131

We hope for good news even though it has been two years since the adopter released Leo to the street without informing Yi Lin.

All we can say is this, if you have adopted the animal and for some reason you cannot look after the animal anymore, PLEASE do not simply release the animal to fend for himself. Ask for help to rehome the animal to ensure he will still be looked after.

If you cannot look after your child anymore, do you abandon him/her on the street and walk away?

This is Leo.

Please be safe, wherever you are, Leo.

If you any information on Leo, please contact Chow Yi Lin directly at 012-3038852.