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I just fed Kai and Akira 3.5ml each and Indra, 4ml. The vet says it is safe to go up to 4ml. I took their weights too and there is an increase for everyone. Phew!

And they were all hungry too.

So I think Samantha is not producing sufficient milk. Even when she came back to eat at our porch during her previous “maternity” period, I did not see the surrounding area of her nipples being swollen. Maybe like some human mothers, she just does not have sufficient milk.

And this is despite providing her with 5-6 meals of Primal Freeze-Dried every day. But then again, it is the only food she is willing to eat. Her bowl always has food. It’s free flow for her.

I found this:

The best way to determine if your cat is producing milk is by observing the kittens. Newborns spend long hours nursing – up to 8 hours per day – with sessions lasting up to 45 minutes. When the mother’s milk is being let down, the kittens will each latch onto a preferred nipple and stay there. If you observe closely you will be able to see their little mouths and tongues moving from the suckling action. Often their ears may move as well. Nursing kittens will knead the mother’s abdomen which is an important stimulus to milk let down. After a feeding session, the kittens will have round, full bellies and will fall asleep. Ideally, healthy kittens who are nursing well will gain 7-10 grams every day. They can, and should, be weighed every few days to confirm gains.

Oh, I’m not taking any chances, I weigh them every 12 hours. And no, they are not latching on for long periods. Most of time when I go up to check, they aren’t nursing. They are just sleeping.

So, that’s more or less confirmed then. I have to handraise Kai, Akira and Indra. Samantha can provide the warmth, which is equally important. Luckily they have grown in size and their mouths are a little bigger now. So it is not so difficult to insert the 1ml syringe into the tip of their mouths.

Little Indra.

We will get through this together, Samantha!

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