Good morning, kitties

Yesterday, I thought Samantha was already feeding her kittens, so with Jayden back in his house, we went out for a movie. We were delayed and came back before 8pm. The kittens were all very hungry. Looks like maybe Samantha had not fed them again.

The thing is, feeding them while they are also on Samantha’s milk is tricky. So I have to gauge how hungry they are and know how much to give them. I don’t want them to go hungry but at the same time, I cannot overfeed them. Overfeeding is very dangerous.

Indra does not quite like being fed by syringe. Kai and Akira are okay.

Here are the updated weights:

Date Time Kai Akira Indra
11-Feb 6.00pm 118 115 104
12-Feb 6.30am 125 123 114
12-Feb 5.30pm 133 131 123
13-Feb 5.30am 143 137 128
13-Feb 6.00pm 149 146 133
14-Feb 5.00am 160 149 145
14-Feb 5.30pm 166 160 158
15-Feb 6.30am 177 167 167
15-Feb 6.00pm 179 174 174
16-Feb 6.00am 191 187 184
16-Feb 6.00pm 203 193 196
17-Feb 7.00am 211 200 202
17-Feb 6.30pm 213 216 210
18-Feb 6.00am 215 216 213
18-Feb 5.00pm 234 225 222
19-Feb 5.00am 248 236 231
19-Feb 8.00pm 258 245 251
20-Feb 6.30am 272 256 259

Riley woke me up at 3am this morning to feed the kittens. Yes, cats read minds. Riley knows I wanted to wake up, so she woke me up. Gently too. But nudging me and lying on my arm.

So I’ve been up since then…

This is Indra. Sigh, he is still going for the top nipple which I think does not have much milk.

Today, the kittens are 10 days old! I wonder if Samantha will move them again. There is probably nowhere “safe” to move them to. She wants a “roof” over them. I could open up a wardrobe for her. But I think this place is better.

I hope she won’t move them.

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