Lucky eats, drinks and walks in the sunshine!

This is Lucky’s story:

In short, Lucky was a family’s pet, but he was kept in a small cage for his entire 12 years of life with them, from a puppy until an elderly dog now. A rescuer persuaded the family to surrender Lucky to her, but she wanted to have Lucky put down. Ms Ong heard about Lucky and made a special enclosure for Lucky in her shelter so that he can live out the rest of his natural life comfortably and be able to walk about.

Lucky was taken to Ms Ong’s shelter yesterday but they had to tranquilise him for the transportation. He took many hours to wake up, probably due to his poor health condition (he has heartworm but is being treated now).

This morning Lucky walked about his enclosure in the sunshine. He drank water and ate some food.

We are ordering 20 boxes of canned food for Lucky, Bernard and the other older dogs in the shelter who prefer to eat canned food. If you would like to chip in, please bank in your donation and write “Survivor Shelter”. Thank you very much.

Below, Lucky’s photos and a video today:

Have a good, good, good and happy life now, Lucky! Thank you so much for your compassion, Ms Ong.