Samantha escapes!

It was my worst nightmare – Samantha escapes, abandons her kittens and gets herself pregnant again before I can even get her spayed. There are a few pet tomcats wearing collars (some are pedigree) whose owners allow to roam freely and they are not neutered.

I went into the room to give the kittens their 8pm feed and found them huddled together, all alone. Samantha was missing.

There aren’t many hiding places in the room. A quick glance revealed that Samantha had escaped from the room. But how???

All the windows are security windows now. How did Samantha escape from this bedroom???

I quickly alerted my husband and he said he found Samantha’s bedroom door ajar when he came upstairs, so he closed it back.

The door was open?? How??

Okay, then I knew why. The wooden door of this particular bedroom is very tricky. After closing, you have to pull it hard again and hear that latching sound to ensure it is properly closed. Otherwise, it is not latched.

But how did Samantha KNOW that the door wasn’t properly latched in the first place?

A cat just knows.

So we looked all over upstairs for her first. There is no way she could have escaped from the house. The doors and windows are all security doors and windows from Panther Protect. The entire house is cat-escape proof.

It did not take us long to find her. She was under our king-sized bed in our bedroom.

What a relief!! So now it was all about getting her back into her bedroom with the kittens.

I went to feed the kittens first.

After feeding Indra and Akira, I heard the sounds and attempts of hubby’s to get her back. So I went to help.

Samantha had come out from under our bed and was lounging casually on top of a small cabinet. I went over (also casually) to pat her. She was okay, but the moment I carried her, she went ballistic and jumped off.

A few minutes of crazy ensued after that.

I finally had to scruff her, but she was too heavy, so hubby took over the scruffing but she kicked off and went crazy.

Hubby had already blocked the staircase leading downstairs with a large sofa cushion seat.

Finally, guess who got Samantha back into her room?


Riley came to help by blocking Samantha thus leaving her no other option but to run back to her bedroom.

Isn’t Riley extremely clever?

So Samantha went back and lounged on top of the low cabinets. At least she is back in the room now.

It’s also Day 10 today and it’s time to move the kittens. Maybe she went out to find another place to move the kittens to. But I cannot have her moving the kittens under our king-sized bed. That would be very difficult for me to feed them. I’d have to crawl in to get them out, so no.

I finally opened one of the built-in wardrobes and prepared a cardboard box inside. See if she wants that.

She finally went back to her kittens. Phew!

Our hero for the day!!!

Thank you, Riley!!

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