Guess who attacked Rey?

As I said this morning, Rey had it coming for him.

Even I wouldn’t have had Cow Mau’s tolerance, at the rate Rey irritates them on a daily basis.

So just now, there was a very, very loud war cry in Bunny’s Room.

I thought I’d let them settle it by themselves, but it sounded REALLY bad with an impending doom.

So I had to intervene.

I found Cleo on the side, but Cow and Indy had cornered Rey and there was already fur everywhere. Cats let out fur when they fight, even without any contact with the opponent. It is like a defense mechanism.

So I used the water hose and sprayed in Rey’s direction.

Cow Mau, as usual, doesn’t even budge when sprayed at. He’s immune to it, after so many years.

So what? It’s just water. You think cats are afraid of water? Where did you learn that?? Haha…

But despite the water, Rey stood his ground and refused to leave Bunny’s Place. So I had to carry him out.

Now, he’s still back in the catio with his Monster-brothers. It won’t be long before he goes over to Bunny’s Place again. He never learns.

By the way, can you tell who’s who in the photo above?

From the back, it’s Robin, Rey and Smurfy!

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