Extending our aid to Sponsored Shelters

All this while, our Neutering, Vaccination and the latest revived-with-a-tweak Medical Aid have only been extended to individual rescuers/feeders of street animals. Animal organisations, rescue groups and shelters were not eligible for these aid because in the past, we know that these three categories had been able to raise their own funds. Also, when it came to rescue groups, they usually were able to raise funds or sadly, there had been some cases of dishonesty and multiple claims.

But that’s in the past.

We are now introducing an extension of our Neutering, Vaccination and Medical Aid to Sponsored Shelters.  

Sponsored Shelters are shelters which we select based on many criteria. The sponsorship is also only for an agreed period of time.

For now, we welcome our two Sponsored Shelters:

  1. Survivor Shelter under Ms Ong Siew Hiang
  2. Uncle Lee’s Shelter under Mr Lee Mook Lek

We will be offering our Neutering Aid in particular to both shelters in the next few months.

While we acknowledge that shelters (and building more shelters) are not the answer to solving the street animal population, judging from what is going on in our country lately, some rescuers and feeders really do need to set up a safe place (“shelter”) to keep their animals to prevent them from being captured. As we all know, our country’s council by-laws do not spare the lives of neutered street animals.

We do whatever we have to, to protect our street animals.




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