Samantha, did you cast Indra out?


The story begins last night when I heard Akira shrieking at the top of her voice. From the shrieks I know that Samantha is attempting to move them again. I know, it’s way overdue. The shifting of nests usually happens every 5 days.

So I rushed up to see, again, the three kittens laid on the tiled floor, separated at a distance from each other.

Sigh, Samantha, you are supposed to put them together, not separated like this. This is the second time she has done this.

Granted, maybe she was in the midst of moving them. Still, I know mother-cats move their kittens one by one into their new chosen space. They don’t scatter the kittens like this.

Never mind.

So I quickly picked up each kitten and put them in the new box I’ve prepared with hopes that Samantha would accept the new box. In any case, they cannot be left out on the tiled floor like this.

Then, I left the room. Samantha was peeping from under the ottoman. The kittens were all huddled up together for warmth in the new box.

I gave it some time, then went up to check again and to my relief, Samantha had gone into the box with them now. Phew…what a relief.

So I placed a towel as a curtain to give them privacy so that Samantha feels safer. But I left one light on, just in case she decides to move them again and I come into the room, it won’t be so dark. I will be able to see them on the floor.

Then I went to sleep as it was already quite late. I had fed the kittens earlier at 10pm. And I was konked out for the night. Riley probably did not wake me up, or she did, but I was too tired to notice.

I woke up at 5.00am this morning and after feeding Tabs and Riley, I went up to feed the kittens.

Horrors of horrors, I found Indra outside the box, nearby, lying on a little bit of towel (the green curtain), all curled up.

Sigh, what did you do, Samantha?


Worse case scenario: Samantha cast Indra out because he is the weakest. She doesn’t want to feed him anymore. Well, yes, it is not easy to even syringe-feed Indra. And he was the smallest at birth. Some mother-cats do this.

Best case scenario: Indra climbed out on his own (not likely) and Samantha, having a Dory moment, did not notice he was missing.

In-between scenarios: Please use your imagination.

As for Indra climbing out on his own, I seriously doubt he could have. He is not that strong. Pole, on the other hand, as a week-old kitten, was an expert at scaling plastic. We put them in a large plastic box and Pole could scale plastic and climb out. Well, Pole proved to be a master-scaler all her life after that.

So, I quickly put Indra back. Samantha, as usual, had a slightly surprised look, which she always has, anyway. I don’t know how long Indra had been out of the box. I will never know. So we must move on from here.

I weighed the kittens, and it looked like Samantha barely fed Indra and Akira. Kai, her favourite, was fed.


Akira even lost 1g in the last 12 hours while Indra only gained 1g. But I wouldn’t trust these weights completely too, as there could be error in the weighing process. Kai has definitely gained weight.

So I fed Indra and Akira 9ml of milk each. Kai didn’t even want to be syringe-fed, but I managed to give him just a token amount of 4ml.

So far, I have been going up to check and Indra is still with the Samantha.

I did send some thoughts to Samantha, though, telling her not to cast Indra out.

I’ve placed these right outside the box in case she decides to cast Indra out again, he will have some warmth.

The room is warm. The fan is off.

Let’s see how things go today. I am so looking forward to Friday where I can bring the whole family for a check-up at the vet’s. I am a little worried about Indra.

I gave you a huge name, Indra. You are named after an ancient mythological Vedic god who brought sunshine and rain to humanity. You stay strong, Indra.