The kitties’ weights

There was some weight gain over the last 12 hours. Well, at least it is more than the minimum 5g per 12 hours.

And Samantha has not cast out Indra after that one-off incident this morning. Phew!

But I think only Kai is getting enough milk. Akira and Indra are not. So I make sure I feed these two more, as long as they are willing to drink more. I’m also learning to interpret their mews. For certain mews, Samantha appears to be anxious, so I will take that as a cue to stop.

20-Feb 5.00pm 274 263 258
21-Feb 5.00am 291 269 276
21-Feb 7.00pm 298 277 285
22-Feb 5.30am 304 276 286
22-Feb 7.00pm 310 285 293

From 21st Feb 7pm to 22nd Feb 5.30am, the weights of Akira and Indra were really, really dismal. That’s probably because it was through the night and I did not wake up for night feeds thinking that Samantha would feed them. Little did I know, she only fed Kai.

For the last 12 hours, I have been feeding them regularly.

22-Feb 5.30am 4 9 9
22-Feb 9am 4 6 5
22-Feb 12pm 3 6 7
22-Feb 3.30pm 4.5 6 7
22-Feb 7pm 5 5.5 7

(readings in ml)  Kai did not want to be syringe-fed. So I just gave him a token amount. Don’t want him losing weight. I definitely tried to give as much as I could to Akira and Indra.

There will be one more feed tonight at 10pm.