Oh no, now Kai is out of the box!


I went in to check and this is what I found:

Kai is outside the box, all alone.

Why did Samantha do this? Or even if Kai climbed out by himself, why didn’t Samantha carry him back?

Well, the thing is, Kai has not gained any weight in the last 12 hours. Remember Kai had been gaining good weight and he didn’t want to be syringe-fed? So I only gave him a token 3-4ml and this is what happens now. He hasn’t gained any weight in the last 12 hours.

22-Feb 5.30am 304 276 286
22-Feb 7pm 310 285 293
23-Feb 7am 339 294 312
23-Feb 6pm 339 310 330

Look at Kai’s weight over the last 12 hours. No increase at all, which means he was just getting enough milk to maintain his weight. Granted, there was an earlier increase of 29g which is a lot.

In any case, I think the plan now is to also try and feed Kai a bit more milk even though he doesn’t want. I think he can be persuaded. I feel more comfortable if there is a small increase every 12 hours.

I tried pressing on Samantha’s “favourite nipple” (the one everyone fights for and Indra never gets) and I did not see any milk.

We’ll know more tomorrow during the check-up if I can get Samantha into the carrier.

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