Samantha shifts nests again and discards Akira and Indra


I heard Akira shrieking, so I know it is either (a) Samantha leaving the box to go to the toilet or to eat, OR (b) she is shifting the kittens again.

I went up and saw Indra discarded quite a distance away, Akira discarded nearby and Kai alone in the box while Samantha was simply lounging by the window.

So, she discarded Akira and poor little Indra, but she kept Kai in the box, safe and sound.


I quickly brought up another bigger box and lined it with a blanket. I picked up Indra, Akira and also Kai, and put all of them into this new box, placed beside the old box.

Then I left them alone. Samantha was hissing at me.

After awhile I went up and Samantha had gone into the box with the kittens.

Okay, I think she is rejecting Akira and Indra. Just as well I am able to feed them both now and it looks like I would have to until they can eat solids, hopefully at 4 weeks. But Samantha would still have to provide the body warmth to all the three kittens. I’ll have to keep checking on the kittens to make sure Akira and Indra aren’t discarded again. Looks like every time she shifts nests, she discards them and only keeps Kai.

The new blue box.