A clean bill of health for the kittens!

I managed to get all the kittens and Samantha into the carrier without much problems this morning, then off we went to the vet’s.

Gerald saw us off.

The whole family in the car.

The vet said all the kittens are fine. They are also not constipated despite me being unable to make them defecate and urinate after the feed. This is because Samantha does it. All three were dewormed and their genders are correct.  Kai and Indra are males. Akira is female. But the vet wasn’t 100% sure about Indra, so we will recheck when he is bigger.

And breaking news! Samantha HAS milk!!  Healthy-looking milk too. The vet pressed the nipples and there it was – thick white milk! Well, she should have, I figured, since she is eating free-flow Primal Freeze-Dried!

But the vet said since I’m feeding the kittens, I should continue doing it, but it need not be so frequent.

I’m so glad all is well! We are home now!

The kittens would have to be dewormed every 2 weeks.

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