Kinta Dog to be released tomorrow

Here’s an update from Mr Lu, the kind volunteer from Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta Perak, who helped with Kinta Dog when we made a callout for help.

I asked if the red collar is necessary since Kinta Dog has already been microchipped and ear-notched. According to Mr Lu, it seems to be a necessity in Ipoh. I asked why, please.

So this is the explanation. When there are complaints from the public, the council will come round to capture the dogs. Even those with the red collars will be captured if they are in the vicinity. Exactly my point, hence, why is the red collar necessary?

Apparently, the red collar is a requirement of a certain organisation in Ipoh.

So what is the purpose of the red collar then?

So here’s the explanation: It is to indicate that the dog is neutered and cared for.  Alos, if a red-collared dog is captured, the community of feeders will alert each other and the feeder can then go to the authorities to get back the dog.


But isn’t the ear-notch enough? And the dog is already microchipped too.

We have heard of news reports where puppies were put on the red collar and they grew up, the red collars strangled them. Some to death. Isn’t this very sad?

That is why we say: Please keep it simple. An ear-notch is the best. There are not future dangers from an ear-notch. In fact, the ear notch heals faster than the surgical wound of the spaying or castration procedure.

Now back to Kinta Dog. I asked if Kinta Dog has a feeder and Mr Lu said as far as he knows, Kinta Dog had a feeder who is a shop-owner. They have decided to release Kinta Dog back to his original location.

Also, they said that Kinta Dog is now very friendly to humans. Previously, she was very fierce and distrustful of humans.

We hope Kinta Dog has a feeder who will keep an eye on her every day.

The lady who alerted us about Kinta Dog and who had promised to keep us updated has not contacted us ever since we arranged for the rescue except for once when she needed help again, months later, for another dog. When we asked about Kinta Dog, she was not able to give us any information.

Lesson learnt: The next time anyone “promises” to follow through with a case, we had better be more careful in giving them our trust. Zero expectations, zero disappointments.

Back to Kinta Dog now…

Have a good life, Kinta Dog!

Thank you very much, Mr Lu and the two friends who helped enlist Mr Lu’s organisation’s help!

We fully sponsored a total of RM1,315 for Kinta Dog’s surgery and treatment which lasted months.



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