Updates on the Kota Bharu Neutering Project

An update on 27th February 2023 – This project did not take off the ground. Ms Amy has passed this project to another organisation in Kota Bharu. A wise decision.  

The original post:

We called Ms Amy today to get an update on what is going on with the Kota Bharu Neutering Project.

Here’s a summary of what is going on after communicating with Ms Amy and Ms Woon. Ms Woon is the sponsor and also the person who first contacted us.

When Ms Woon contacted us, she only needed physical assistance in getting the dogs neutered. She said she would provide the funds. So we got in touch with one of our former applicants from Kota Bharu who then connected us with Ms Amy, a dog rescuer there. Ms Amy stepped up to volunteer assistance.

According to Ms Amy now, the first Thai temple they will do will be the one located in Tumpat.

However, some of the dogs might have contracted parvo virus, distemper or skin diseases. Ms Woon was not aware of this possibility.

So we have pledged our help with our Medical Aid for these dogs, ie. medical aid prior to neutering. However, our medical aid is only a partial aid and not a full sponsorship. So we might need to fundraise for this. These dogs are not Ms Amy’s rescues per se. She has been kind enough to offer help by catching and transporting these dogs to the vet.

However, since some of the dogs are sick, they cannot be neutered until they are treated.

We would never condone releasing any rescued dog unneutered. So if a dog is rescued but found to be sick, the dog would have to be treated first, then only neutered when fit enough, and vaccinated for protection against infectious disease like parvo and distemper. Only then should the dog be returned to the colony.

From our latest communication with Ms Woon and after explaining the situation to her, she is willing to pay for transportation and vaccination. Ms Amy is offering her kennel for 2 dogs’ recovery boarding per week, free of charge, but it would be good for someone to supply food. She does not have space for more dogs. The vet’s boarding is RM20 per day, but Ms Woon prefers that the dogs board at Amy’s Kennel.

There might also be another organisation in Kota Bharu that might be able to help with these dogs. If that is the case, it would be much better that they help since they are physically there.

But just to kick start the project as the first batch is supposed to go to the vet’s this Friday, we have offered the following for each dog:

  1. Our Neutering Aid at a max of RM200 per dog.
  2. Our Medical Aid to partially cover the medical treatment for each dog.
  3. Our Vaccination Aid at a max of RM25 per dog (but Ms Woon says she will sponsor this).
  4. Food Aid for the dogs while boarding at Amy’s Kennel. This Food Aid is also extended to all the dogs in Amy’s Kennel if she is able to provide photos and the information that we require.

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