The case in Prai – the importance of neutering

I think most of you would have read about the case in Prai by now.

It was highlighted yesterday though social media. This “shelter” (or was it just a hoarder’s place?) had 100 dogs, all unneutered, all in dire straits and not cared for.

We heard through a friend that the operator does not believe in neutering. He was known to want everything to be “natural”. So it started with 20-odd dogs and has now exploded to 100 dogs of all ages.

The problem is, dogs and cats breed exponentially. The numbers increase very fast. To confine them and not neuter them is not right. It isn’t fair to the animals.

If it is in the jungle, that’s fine. Animals live by the Law of the Jungle. Procreating naturally is for the survival of the species. We need not interfere. In fact, humans have interfered so much that 99% of other living beings have been completely wiped out from the face of the earth.

But this is not in the jungle. This is in our concrete jungle and the poor dogs are confined.

All said, thank you very much to SPCA Prai (a no-kill shelter) for taking in all the 100 dogs.


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