The kitties want to play!

I found Kai outside the box this morning. I think he came out on his own to play and explore. Akira and Indra were also very active, trying to get out of the box while our girl, Samantha, was just as crazy, trying to get out to see Gerald, who was making a lot of noise outside the window.

Well, Gerald has already been neutered, so it’s not a mating call, but simply noise-making and attention-seeking, which he does every day. But for Samantha, I think she has come into heat again.

When I asked the vet that day, she says Samantha can be spayed 6 weeks after delivery. Hmm…that’s a long way to go for a cat in heat…. The kittens are only 17 days old today. 6 weeks is 42 days! That’s another 25 days of possibly being a little crazy in heat. We will see if the kittens can be weaned off breastmilk after 4 weeks. Even now, they already have teeth. I remember a senior vet telling me that once they have teeth, they can go on solids. I mean, that’s the purpose of teeth, right? It makes sense.

24-Feb 6.30pm 353 327 345
25-Feb 7.30am 368 327 351
25-Feb 6.30pm 373 327 350
26-Feb 7am 387 361 366
26-Feb 5.30pm 389 364 367
27-Feb 6am 402 361 390

Now, I’m not going to panic when there is a slight weight loss or no weight gain. I can already see a pattern, especially with Akira and Indra. They grow in spurts.

Also, ever since they were dewormed. I have been able to stimulate them to urinate after each feed. My mistake earlier was that I used water at room temperature. The trick is to use very warm water. Luckily, Samantha was grooming them after I feed them so she did that part of the job, that is why I wasn’t particularly worried about that.

So, the kitties want to play now! We’ll make a playhouse for them later. This reminds me of the Sunnies! They loved their playhouses so much. The only problem is that Samantha is still partially feral. That is why we have to confine her and her kittens in the room. If Samantha was friendlier, we can let them out to play in the living room.

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