The Kota Bharu Neutering Project is cancelled

There has been too much miscommunication over this project.

The sponsor who first approached us for help called us tonight, disagreed with what was agreed yesterday and finally we have been informed that our help is no longer required. Ms Amy will also not be helping her, but has passed on the project to a Kota Bharu organisation which has indicated their interest in it.

So, we are no longer involved in this project now.

Ms Amy had been very helpful and patient with initiatives for this project, making arrangements for the dogs to be sent for neutering soon. We are very appreciative of her efforts. The reason for the delay is one of communication with the sponsor. We were only the middle-person sourcing for help as per what the sponsor requested, and have even offered our aid to help kickstart the project. But now it is cancelled and it is for the best. It is very difficult to work together if there is too much miscommunication.

However, the blessing in disguise is that through this project, we were connected with Ms Amy and we will be helping her with her colonies of dogs and cats.

Lessons learnt: We may have to think again if we ever want to be the middle-person seeking help for people who write to us.

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