Even Kai has moved out

All three of them, including Mommy’s Favourite, Kai, have moved out to the playhouse.

Samantha also does not bother to take them back. She’s on her own, probably waiting to get out of the room. She sure doesn’t seem to miss them. The empty nest works well for her! Or maybe, she just wants some “me” time.

Seriously? There’s plenty of “me” time after 4-5 weeks, Samantha. Can’t you just look after your kittens for another week, at least?

Come to think of it, for her previous litter, Samantha also came back for good on the third week and never went back to them. Looks like she is wired that way.

So I fed all three, making sure they have enough (yes, Kai was very hungry, so Sam probably hasn’t been feeding him as well). Now, I feed them two rounds at one go. Just to make sure that after a short break, if they are hungry, I will feed them a few more mls.

After feeding, I put the kittens back with Samantha and “make” her look after them. Samantha has moved out back to under the ottoman while the kittens have taken the playhouse.

28-Feb 7am 427 373 392
28-Feb 7pm 437 385 399
1-Mar 5.30am 431 391 413
1-Mar 7pm 456 407 414
2-Mar 6.30am 460 413 428
2-Mar 5pm 475 417 447

There is weight gain. Phew!

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