A quick update on the Cyberjaya Neutering Project

Ms Ong and the other feeder are the only two persons trying to get the dogs to the vet’s for neutering. The other feeders are not keen to neuter the dogs; they only want to feed.

They also feed by just leaving food and going away before the dogs come out, hence, there is hardly any rapport between the feeders and the dogs.

That is why they cannot catch the dogs.

Ms Ong and the feeder contacted a skilled catcher to catch the dogs. It was supposed to happen on Saturday but the catcher did not turn up.

It was then postponed to today, and there is no news from the catcher too.

In most cases, we always advise the feeder to catch the animals because the feeder would be the human who is closest to the animals. But in this case, there seems to be no rapport between the dogs and the feeders, so catching cannot be done.

They want to depend on the skilled catcher to catch the dogs, but there seems to be some miscommunication or some other issues.

Our role is only to provide the financial aid as we do not have catchers.

Until the dogs can be caught, nothing else can be done on our part.

We have also had quite a number of bad experience in playing the middleperson role when trying to source help for others. When the help does not materialise, it comes back to us, as though we have to take responsibility for it.

So, playing the middleperson is really not an easy task. It will lead to a whole lot of “he say, she say” episodes which isn’t pleasant to deal with.

So for this case, as advised by a friend who has had more experience in this than me, “If nobody is willing to catch, nothing can be done.”

That’s tough on the ears and heart, but it is true.